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Take part in the shopping revolution and profit as one of the first from this uniquely new system!
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Shop with your Cryptos

Buy in our shop online and later also offline with Fiat or simply with your favorite cryptocurrency and that at low fees.

Attractive cashback system

Take advantage of our unique cashback system. With each purchase in our shop (online and later offline), there is a certain percentage back as cashback, starting in 2020.

Benefit from our franchise system

Hold our TCT token and benefit from lower franchise fees and great extras. Starting in 2020. At the end of the sale, there is a huge surprise for all investors. Be curious.


We combine the infinite possibilities of blockchain with online and offline B2C shopping!

This opens up unimagined possibilities in the field of B2C business. Our vision is to create a unique shopping place, both online and offline, where all parties benefit and are treated fairly. Shopping should be fun for all parties and be safe and fair.
Both small and large traders get the same opportunities and benefit from a strong community.

Our customers benefit from fair and stable prices and a unique but easy-to-use cashback system.

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For our investors, security is paramount!
minimal Invest 0.01 ETH

Therefore, we use for the TCT sale a trustee who handles the sale safely and supervised. Invest with all popular cryptocurrencies and get our TCT tokens automatically within minutes to your own Wallet.

Huge Coin assortment

Buy our TCT with your favorite cryptocurrencies. Hundreds of coins and tokens are accepted. A prior conversion to Ether or Bitcoin is not required. This saves money and makes buying as easy as ever.

Get TCT for sure

Through the complete settlement through a trustee, which already exists on the market since 2009, a maximum of security during the payment process. The security of our investors comes first.

Low transaction times

The complete transaction is completed within minutes. You pay with your own cryptocurrency and get your amount of „TCT“ transferred directly to your own wallet. Only you have access to your TCT tokens at any time.

Current Exchange listings

Address listings in the following exchanges are currently available.

– EtherDelta
– Forkdelta
– Tokenjar

Please make sure before visiting the site that you have installed the browser plugin „MetaMask“ and have created your own secure Ether based wallet.

After the token sale, the token will be tradable on some central exchanges from early 2020. The listings are at this moment in preparation.

MetaMask – Browser PluginTokenjar – TCT0ForkdeltaEtherDelta

Current mobile & online Wallets

Currently, TCT (The CryptoTech) is listed in Binance’s official mobile wallet – Trust Wallet and the official „MyEtherWallet“ (MEW) and a well-known desktop wallet. TCT can also be easily added to any conventional erc20 compatible wallet with the following information.

Contract: 0xed82730312babb41367e060911f798002ffa445f
Name: The Crypto Tech
Symbol: TCT
Decimals: 18

Trust Wallet – mobileMyEtherWalletDesktop Wallet – comming soon!

Be There when B2C Shopping is revolutionized in combination with Blockchain’s unique technology.

TCT token distribution

A fair distribution for all participating parties. Total available tokens = 950 million TCT.

Tokens for sale

Most of our tokens are for sale. Whole 60% are reserved for investors in several rounds. Minimal invest 0.01 ETH

60% = 570 Million TCTGet your TCT Token – 0.000065 ETH/TCT

Team, Company & Developing

171 million TCT are reserved for our unique team, the company behind it and the constant development. However, only a small proportion about 1% is released for trading in the next Months.

18% = 171 Million TCT

Exchange listing fees

95 million tokens are reserved for the quite expensive listing fees of the largest known central exchanges. Because a token would be useless without corresponding exchanges.

10% = 95 Million TCT


57 million tokens are reserved for our various marketing campaigns. Because without the necessary public awareness of TheCryptoTech we will not succeed together.

6% = 57 Million TCT


Even our great advisors do not go out of our way and benefit from our revolutionary system.

1.5% = 14.25 Million TCT

Bonus & AirDrop

During the token sale, there will be a big Aidrop with lots of great bonus promotions and free tokens.

4.5% = 42.75 Million TCT>> Get free AirDrop TCT <<

What will happen to TheCryptoTech in the next few years?

The following developments are planned in the period from 2019 to 2023.

Q1 – 2018 -done

Brainstorming, market research, consultations with various business experts, legal advice and initial implementation drafts.

Q2 – 2018 to Q2 – 2019 – done

First development work, Development of a uniform corporate identity, start of marketing activities, further market research, creation of the first stable online shop beta and Clarification of the legal framework.

Q1 to Q2 – 2019 – done

Company timeline is clear, erc20 token coding, preparation of the first token sale phase including Website, strategic partnerships and advisors, start of the coding on the cashback system and the interfaces, start of the second marketing phase and Preparation of the first draft of the franchise concept

Q3 – 2019 – in progress

Start of the first round of token sale (Family and friends), first talks with land owners in planning with the first offline stores and planning the public token sale. Start of the Bonus and AirDrop event. Minimal Invest 0.01 ETH

family and friends 0.000065 ETH/TCT
Q4 – 2019

Start of the public token sale in the first and second round, preparation for the first test run of the cashback system including the final coding of the Cashback Token (CTC – BETA) and negotiations with the biggest central crypto exchanges. Minimal Invest 0.01 ETH

public one 0.000145 ETH/TCT – starting Q4 2019public two 0.00019 ETH/TCT – starting end of 2019
Q1 – 2020

Token sale is complete, most of the remaining tokens are now burned. A small portion of the remaining tokens will be automatically sent as a kind of loyalty bonus according to the investment made to the 50 largest investors. IMPORTANT: The bonus tokens will be sent to the TCT address used for your investment. So make sure that you still have access to this address at this time! Changes are not possible!  Statements about the exact number of bonus tokens are not possible at this time

Q1 – 2020

The first listings on central exchanges are executed. Investors now have the opportunity to trade the acquired TCT tokens, or to keep them partially interested in a franchise. Completion of the final cashback system including the cashback token.

Q2 to Q4 – 2020

Start of the first franchise agreements. Integrate a marketing interface for local companies, Germany-wide, in the desktop and mobile version of the chashback system

Q1 – 2021

At least the first 10 franchisees are now actively involved in the business with their own stores. Activation of the cashback system also for companies outside the Franshise system.

Q1 to Q2 2021

Splitting of the company into 3 sub-companies. The parent company remains for the financial administration. The first company takes over the tasks as franchisor. The second company takes over the administration and further development of the cashback system and other interfaces. And the third will be managing marketing for outside companies within the cashback system and later other platforms as well. Much of the revenue from the token sale is used for staffing this split. Some handpicked experts are already selected for the occupation and supervision of the individual task areas. The exact concept will be discussed extensively at the end of 2020.

Q3 – 2021

Depending on existing company assets, a company is set up to lend to new franchisees and as a highly profitable investment platform for larger investors. The conditions for the lending and the collateral are currently still being negotiated. Depending on the success of the concept, there will also be a second division for financing outside the Franshise system

Q4 – 2021 to Q1 – 2022

Expansion of the franchise system to the entire European Union including some non-European states with a pre-selected franchisee with special rates for the first half year. Opening at least 3 of the first own fully digitized Blockchain based logistics centers – Currently in pre-development including patenting.

Q1 to Q3 – 2022

full focus on the further development of the franchise concept, reaching the 50th Franshise taker.

Q4 – 2022

Following the successful expansion to Europe, we now have 100 active Franshise partners.

from Q1 – 2023

Completion of the complete blockchain-based digitization of the entire Group. most of the business goals to 2023 have now been achieved. Depending on the current evolution, IPO of individual parts of the company. An exact date is currently not fixed, but can also take place sooner after instant growth.

from Q1 – 2023

Development and launch of the first new blockchain-based enterprise areas outside previously known Blockchain models. Also new blockchain development for entrepreneurs outside the corporate group.


Who are we and what are we doing

We are a well-established team of developers, sales professionals, online marketers, visionaries and founders since 2013. After four successful projects and over 100,000 satisfied customers, we now want to create a completely new shopping experience with „TheCryptoTech“. With our 5th project we set ourselves even higher goals this time. More than 5,000,000 satisfied, recurrent customers are planned by the end of 2023.

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Contact us

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